About me

My name is Tami Watt (Wojiso:da') and I am Seneca (Onondowa'ga') from the Allegany Territory (Ohi:yo') in New York. My work entails graphic design, graphic art and photography.  This is my online store of designs I have made over the past few years. 
As a Seneca woman and mother of four, I produce art that represents who I am, how I see my community and social injustices we face as Indigenous Nations and individuals.  I enjoy photographing smoke dance contests, landscapes, people and traditional crafts.  I have photography work displayed in the Seneca – Iroquois National Museum, the National Museum of the America Indian – Smithsonian, National Museum of the American Indian education guide, Seneca Resorts and Casinos and the Salamanca City Central School District.  I have graphic artwork displayed on billboards, t-shirts and ads throughout Seneca Nation territories and with the exhibit titled – "Hënödeyësdahgwa’geh wa’öki’jö’ ögwahsä’s. Onëh I:’ jögwadögwea:je’. We Were at the School. We Were There. We Remember." Hodinöshö:ni’ art is my passion and I also bead and sew. 
My signature style is to infuse Hodinöshö:ni’ beadwork patterns into my graphic art designs.  I want to make my art accessible. I like to make custom clothing, shoes, stickers, scarves and other items in an effort to educate and represent authentic Indigenous designs because representation matters.  Products with my art can be found at the Seneca-Iroquois National Museum in Salamanca, Indigenous Attractions in Niagara Falls, NY, yearly at the New York State Fair's Indian Village and now in my online store!